Our Team

Dr. Goli Andi
Founder | Board of Directors
An educator, researcher and a visionary, Nogol Andishehjoo has spent the past ten years serving children and youth from underserved communities. Her passion lies in using her classroom as a medium to connect with students and learn their stories. As an expert in adolescence, she has dedicated her life not only to her students but children around the world who have been denied basic rights to education.
Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi
Board of Directors
Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi is a global financier who has spent over 30 years in China as a leading authority and influencer. His career has been dedicated to bridging the corporate gap between the eastern and western worlds. Far exceeding the boundaries of his career, Dr. Kamalabadi has dedicated his life to serving diverse communities around the world. At some point, he donated all his earnings to a charity which helped victims of natural disasters in China. His firm belief that ‘Mankind is One’ continues to inspire anyone who crosses his path. One Education One World has a bright future with Dr. Kamalabadi serving on its board of directors.
Mr. Jimmy Wang
Board of Directors
On the surface, Mr. Wang is a successful business man who has applied his education and experience in multiple businesses and investments. His family, friends, and children know him better as a kind husband, a dedicated father, and a genuine soul who has always been involved with community activities. His continual support and dedication to One Education One World is a testament to his wish that all children have the opportunities to succeed as much as his own two little ones do.
Ms. Niala Masrouri
Board of Directors

Professor, Author and philanthropist, with two decades dedicated to the advancement of child development and education, Ms. Masrouri has been at the forefront of creating transformative educational experiences. Her own journey, marked by limited educational opportunities due to political discrimination, has fueled her passion for ensuring every child has access to learning. Her current mission is to craft and publish children’s stories that bridge borders, celebrate cultural diversity, and embrace our shared humanity.

Mr. Charles M. Mundy
Borad of Directors

Charles Markeaton-Mundy, Count of Mondaye, joins our board with a rich tapestry of experience and achievements. Born in Spain, his early interests in music and history paved the way for a diverse career spanning event management, public speaking, and networking. A published author and journalist, Charles also serves as the Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of The Ecumenical Knights of Malta O.S.J and holds executive roles in several international organizations. His commitment to global development, particularly in education and women’s empowerment, is deeply influenced by his Buddhist beliefs, adopted after meeting the Dalai Lama in the 1990s.

Ms. Leva Jamali
Global Project Director

Our Global Director, Ms. Jamali embodies the spirit of resilience and empathy. Coming from a minority background and having faced challenges in accessing basic educational resources herself, she has dedicated her career to ensuring that others do not face similar obstacles. Her 15-year tenure as a lower grade teacher laid the foundation for her profound commitment to educational equity. Instrumental in developing our Nine-Layer Holistic Model, she actively travels to implement this vision, training teachers and enhancing educational methods globally. Her personal journey from overcoming barriers to leading transformative educational projects inspires our mission to empower students from all walks of life.