Volunteer   & Campaign the Cause


- Lawrence Mbogoni

Project Volunteer

Meet our students one on one. You can bring your expertise to the field and help provide quality education to our students. Our project coordinators will provide you with more detail on the cost of travel, stay, and duration of the program.

Virtual Volunteer

We understand that not everyone has the time to travel. You can help us further our cause by providing help and support online. Forming a fundraising campaign, contacting donors, and virtual presentations, are only a few examples of virtual volunteering.

Local Ambassador

We do not limit our volunteers to a specific location. Whether you are in Europe, Australia, or America— You may volunteer with us locally and formally represent our cause. As an ambassador you will become a part of our family, always advocating for our vision & mission.

Volunteer for a Day

Why wait for a special occasion? You may even volunteer with us for a day. Translator, artist, teacher, & coordinator are all a few options you can choose from to be a part of our cause for the day.

Design Your Own Volunteering

This option is for those with a creative mind and a passion to serve. If our volunteering programs do not fit your schedule; needs, or ideas — We welcome you to design your own, send your proposal to our coordinators, and upon approval you may carry out your plan.